Snapshot | Warnetchaung Alinkar End of Project discussion with program team

Snapshot | Warnetchaung Alinkar End of Project discussion with program team January 29, 2019

Warnetchaung Alinkar is formed by a group of active local people working against Myanmar Awba Group which is constructing an agricultural input factory financed by International Finance Cooperation (IFC).

In the process of this advocacy, the local group came up with an idea to publish a community journal named Warnetchaung Alinkar featuring environmental knowledge, updates and news on local issues. They have published 6 journals during the project period and arranged public talks in addtion.

Paung Ku also arranged a learning trip to Magwe for the group where the community is encountering similar issues. Moreover, Environmental and Social Impact research training have been steered with Paung Ku’s research consultant with the aim to promote the understanding on the effects of Input factory.

At the end of January, the project enters its conclusive phase. This is the moment for all the members of the organization and responsible Paung Ku team gathered and discussed about the results of the project. The discussion deliberated whether or not the project achieves its main goal.

The team reflected the whole implementation process identifying what worked and what did not. They also explored the impact on direct and indirect beneficiaries of the project. Paung Ku helped the team not only to facilitate the group to mirror on previous activities but also to ponder what will be their next steps.

At the end, the participants came up with future planning for their organization such as initiating a small community library, organic farming, handicrafts trainings and public talks and so on.