Snapshot | Community Impact Assessment in Ye Township

Snapshot | Community Impact Assessment in Ye Township March 24, 2019

A local villager is working on outdoor activities at Survey Area/Khin Zarchi Latt

A Data collection workshop in Andin Village begun on March 3, 2019 in the Ye Township on Environmental and Social Impact of the Offshore Supply Base Project. 21 participants from different villages attended the Paung Ku’s consultants, Montree and Areeya, led training. It started with learning the overview situation of OSB project, its history, role of company and other key actors as well as the role of people from Andin and nearby villages. After that, it slowly moved to analyze the potential impact from OSB project such as changing of sea water current’s direction and impact to coastal area together with fishing activities.

The participants brainstormed how OSB will affect the sea water quality and aquatic animal, based on the type of factory/power plant that will implement in OSB area. It was to support analysis process for the participants in order to be more confident in using the map and also to know how to explain impacts to other people while they are collecting the data. After that the consultants led them to data collecting design to strengthen the group to work more closely and have more passion in data collecting process.

Field work as an experimental outdoor activity was directed on the second day at survey project area to practice as a team to learn how to use scientific devices and methodology to measure surface animal on beach, mud, mangrove forest and shallow sea. Outdoor works was passed to the last day and the training was concluded by summarizing monitoring system and the doable work plan for 2019. The community aim to have Environmental and Social Impact Assessment draft report at the end of 2019.