Paung Ku |Semi-Annual Report 2019

Paung Ku |Semi-Annual Report 2019 August 15, 2019

The first half of 2019 has been a distressing time for civil society in Myanmar following the tragedy of conflicts in Rakhine State and Southern Chin State between the Myanmar Army and the Arakan Army (AA), Rakhine ethnic armed group. There were several challenges that the civil society are facing not only the complexity of the country’s dynamic but also the exhaustion of interconnected problems that affecting Myanmar.

In this period, while Paung Ku is trying to improve and re-building core values of the civil rights and human rights defenders and support to reconcile of their exhaustions, at the same time Paung Ku continued work towards the central objectives by supporting civil society partners throughout the whole Myanmar who share our common goal of achieving positive social change.

Achievement over this period have included:

  1. Facilitating 161 civil society partners for reflection and learning 379 times.
  2. Provision of 64 grants to 77 partners totalling USD 210,006 (318,348,150 Myanmar Kyat). 92% of the grants were under USD 5,000.
  3. Reaching 56,317 direct beneficiaries (Other: 5; Female: 28,456; Male; 27,856) and indirect beneficiaries: 228,428 (Other: 15; Female: 115,544; Male; 112,869) under the grant support.
  4. Supporting partners and wider segments of civil society to access 35 learning platforms, providing 1,188 direct beneficiaries (Other: 8, Female: 419, Male: 761) and 2,453 indirect beneficiaries (Other: 19, Female: 1003, Male: 1431) for learning opportunities.
  5. Organizing 50 events, workshops, forums through direct implementation to strengthen the knowledge of partners with 3,301 participants (Other: 1, Female: 1,389, Male: 1,911) and 697,058 participants (Other: 5, Female: 348,388, Male: 348,665).
  6. Facilitating and supporting linkages and network-building among civil society partners.
For more information, please download our Semi-Annual Report 2019 here.