Who we are

Paung Ku means ‘bridging’ or ‘connecting’ in English. Our work as a registered, independent, Myanmar non-governmental organisation (NGO) is focused on bringing together people, networks, ideas, resources and values in pursuit of our vision:

A pluralistic society that values all the diverse ethnicities, cultures and beliefs, and ensures equity and respect for the rights of all – particularly those who are marginalised.

We believe that this vision will be achieved if civil society drives positive social change; protecting and promoting diversity, gender, equity, justice, peace, rights, and development that is pro‐poor and environmentally sustainable.

A brief history

Paung Ku was established in 2007 by a consortium of international and local agencies. At that time, it had just one donor and two Yangon-based staff. As of 2017, Paung Ku is an independent, registered local NGO with more than 40 staff members and more than 150 CSO partners, who between them work in every one of Myanmar’s 14 States and Divisions.

Support to civil society is now coordinated from two Paung Ku offices located in Yangon and Mandalay. In addition, Paung Ku has been funded by Misereor to develop a learning centre in Bago.