Paung Ku | Quarterly Data Report (July to September 2019)

Paung Ku | Quarterly Data Report (July to September 2019) October 30, 2019

In this quarter, Paung Ku continued work towards the primary objectives by strengthening civil society partners throughout the whole Myanmar who share our common goal of achieving positive social change.

Highlights over this quarter have included:

  1. Facilitating 116 civil society partners for reflection and learning 199 times.
  2. Provision of 54 grants to 52 partners totalling USD 125,396 (189,105,215 Myanmar Kyat). 94 per cent of the grants were under USD 5,000.
  3. Reaching 31,660 direct beneficiaries (Female: 12,580; Male; 19,080) and 743,418 indirect beneficiaries (Female: 461,578; Male; 281,660) under the grant support.
  4. Supporting partners and wider segments of civil society to access 18 learning platforms, providing 205 direct beneficiaries (Female: 70; Male; 135) and 520 indirect beneficiaries (Female: 227; Male; 293) for learning opportunities.
  5. Organizing 31 events, workshops, forums and learning activities through direct implementation to strengthen the knowledge of partners with 1,906 direct beneficiaries (Other: 1, Female: 730; Male: 1,175) and 2,178 indirect beneficiaries (Female: 733;
    Male: 1,445).
  6. Facilitating and supporting linkages and network-building among civil society partners.
For a detailed insight into our program activities and performance you can download our Quarterly Data Report (July – September 2019) right here.