What we do

Paung Ku’s work is built on a foundational belief in the existing strengths and abilities, networks and relationships, and resilience of Myanmar civil society.

Our Theory of Change—based both on experience and social change theory—recognises three characteristics of CSOs that are able to best able to drive positive social change.

These characteristics are:

1) being able to reflect and use learning to address social injustice;
2) being well organised and effectively manage resources;
3) being capable of expanding their sphere of influence.

That’s why we support CSOs in:

  • Reflection and learning
  • Accessing resources
  • Linkages and networking

We do not restrict our support to specific issue areas; however most of our partners work on one or more of the following issues:

  • Community development and service delivery
  • Peace, social justice and human rights
  • Land, responsible investment and environmental protection;
  • Democratisation and good governance.

Paung Ku also has the capacity to undertake emergency support and direct implementation from time to time.